Please include:
  • Two keys strengths that your intern exhibited throughout their internship
  • Two areas of development to focus on during semester and future internships

Intern Evaluation

Core Capabilities Assessment

(NOTE: We are mainly looking at Professional and Personal Qualities at this stage)

Did not display this quality
Displays this quality to an adequate degree
Displays this quality to a high degree
Minimal opportunity to demonstrate the capability
Leadership Qualities
Motivates and empowers others in order to reach organisation goals.
Planning & Organising
Organises and schedules events, activities and resources. Sets up and monitors timescales and plans.
Quality Orientation
Shows awareness of goals and standards. Follows through to ensure the quality and productivity standards are met.
Influences, convinces or impresses others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behaviour change.
Professional Qualities
Demonstrates a willingness and ability to work as part of a team and values the knowledge and decisions of other team members.
Problem Solving and Analysis
Analyses issues and breaks them down into component parts. Makes systematic and rational judgements based on relevant information.
Oral Communication
Speaks clearly, fluently and in a compelling manner to both individuals and groups.
Written Communication
Writes in a clear concise manner, using appropriate grammar, style and language for the reader.
Entrepreneurial Qualities
Creativity & Innovation
Creates new and imaginative approaches to work- related issues. Identifies fresh approaches and shows a willingness to question traditional assumptions.
Action Orientation
Demonstrates a readiness to make decisions, takes the initiative and originates action.
Demonstrates a broad-based view of issues, events and activities and a perception of their longer-term impact and wider implications.
Personal Qualities
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Interacts with others in a sensitive and effective way. Respects and works well with others.
Successfully adapts to changing demands and conditions.
Maintains effective work behaviour in the face of setbacks or pressure. Remains calm, stable and in control of themselves.
Personal Motivation
Commits self to work hard towards goals. Shows enthusiasm and career commitment.
Company Specific Qualities
(please insert any other qualities specific to your organisation that you would like to provide feedback to the intern.)
Overall Rating
Leadership Qualities
Professional Qualities
Entrepreneurial Qualities
Personal Qualities
Company Specific
Total Rating